Why People Prefer to Buy US Powerball Lottery Tickets Instead of Other Lottery Games

When you play US Powerball this signifies that you shall instantly enjoy numerous benefits that are not present in other lotteries. You are able to make preparations for everything, such as buying your Powerball ticket, analyzing the draw outcomes and winning Powerball numbers.

Winners Of $1.6 Billion Powerball Jackpot

Features of Powerball Lottery not found in other lotteries

Huge Starting Jackpots & Rollover leaps

Where lottery starting jackpot is concerned, Powerball is unmatched, since the starting jackpot for this lottery is a remarkable $40 million! 

Apart from this, the jackpot raises its jackpot with a minimum of $10 million each time it has a rollover. 

The increase goes up with the number of rollovers. The best news is that no jackpot cap is available, so in theory, it can rollover countless times!

International Participation

Powerball is a lottery from America where one can purchase physical tickets in America. But, it is actually an extremely global event, as players from throughout the globe are able to buy tickets online.

When a Powerball ticket is purchased online, it provides similar prospects as a physical ticket. This signifies that despite where you reside in the globe, each player possesses similar possibility of being a jackpot winner. This turns the Powerball draw into a really global event!

Wonderful Overall Odds

It is obvious that players of Powerball wish to become winners of the Powerball jackpot. But, this lottery offers more; there are a lot of secondary prizes to be won. In total, they are eight and can be won if the jackpot is unattainable. If you correctly guess the Powerball number, you become eligible to win a prize!

Power Play Multiplier

Among the hugest Powerball benefits is the secondary prize multiplier it provides called the Power Play. Using this option to play Powerball increases the prize of one ticket to $3 from $2 and can raise the 2nd prize to $2 million from $1 million.